The First Work on Oliver Cromwell in Georgia

“Oliver Cromwell. Puritan, Captain, Statesmen” by Ivane Menteshashvili


  • Tsira Chikavidze The University of Georgia



In 2022, the publishing house “Logos” published the book “Oliver Cromwell. Puri-tan, Captain, Statesmen” (441 pages) by Ivane Menteshashvili, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, Fellow International Napoleonic Society. Ivane Manteshashvili is a Georgian historian, senior scientist at the Georgian National Museum, asso-ciate professor at the University of Georgia, and simultaneous interpreter and poetry translator in Georgian historiography, Iv. Menteshashvili is well-known through his research and works on the history of England and France, mainly: “History of En-gland, “Love and Power. Elizabeth I Tudor”, “Napoleon,” Cardinal Richelieu”- in Georgian, “The Falkland Islands. History of the Conflict,” “Power and Hero. Na-poleon Bonapart,” “Transcaucasia in British Russian Competition in 1880-1914,” “The Contiguity of Civilization of the Western and the Eastern Civilizations During the Activity of the British East India Company in India” -in Russian, etc. By the way, Professor Ivane Menteshashvili partly dealt with Oliver Cromwell in his book “Power and the Heroes Born of Revolution” (in Russian), where he gives portraits of three historical persons: Cromwell, Napoleon, and Stalin.




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Chikavidze, T. (2024). The First Work on Oliver Cromwell in Georgia: “Oliver Cromwell. Puritan, Captain, Statesmen” by Ivane Menteshashvili. Caucasus Journal of Social Sciences, 16(1), 149–152.



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