Exploring the Dynamics of Linguistic Consciousness: An Experimenal Approach


  • Maia Chkheidze The University of Georgia
  • Tina Gudushauri The University of Georgia
  • Khatia Jojua The University of Georgia




The dynamics of linguistic consciousness, experimental methodology, transformation of values, associative dimension, worldview, concept, anthropocentric paradigm


The article delves into the intricate domain of experimental research about linguistic consciousness dynamics. The exploration of linguistic consciousness dynamics encompasses a multifaceted examination that includes the analysis of how social, cultural, and psychological factors contribute to the formation of linguistic consciousness, the delineation of the developmental patterns it follows, the methodological principles that underpin its analysis, and the utilization of experimental techniques for its thorough investigation. The emergence of consciousness as a precise regulator of human behaviour is rooted in a complex interplay of inherent and acquired elements, all of which materialize during socialization. It is imperative to acknowledge that knowledge does not arise from unmediated perception; instead, perception is structured by cognitive models and schemas. Within the purview of the article, we underscore the efficacy of employing experimental methodologies, specifically those drawn from the realm of psycholinguistics, as a potent avenue for determining the precise position of specific concepts and the semantics of particular words within the intricate hierarchy of meanings and thoughts held by native speakers. The empirical data derived from experimental inquiries into the dynamics of linguistic consciousness serves as compelling affirmation for the existence of systematicity within this cognitive realm. Crucially, this systematicity does not represent an immutable trait etched indelibly into individuals; instead, it emerges due to their progressively deepening comprehension of the tangible world and the accrual of a more extensive spectrum of social experiences.




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Chkheidze, M., Gudushauri, T., & Jojua, K. (2023). Exploring the Dynamics of Linguistic Consciousness: An Experimenal Approach. Caucasus Journal of Social Sciences, 16(1), 6–16. https://doi.org/10.62343/cjss.2023.223



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