About the Journal

The Caucasus Journal of Social Sciences (CJSS) is a peer-reviewed research journal that aims to publish reports of original research, reviews, and articles; it seeks to appeal to an interdisciplinary audience, focuses but is not limited to the Caucasus region, and covers real-world research analyzed from a scientific point of view.

It publishes works from various fields, including anthropology, archaeology, economics, education, geography, history, information science, international relations, law, linguistics, politics, psychology, public health, and sociology.

Papers in the humanities and other disciplines will be considered if they are related in some way to one or more of these disciplines.

The Journal considers papers for publication that deal with academic disciplines studying human aspects of the world.

Special Issues devoted to important topics in social sciences will occasionally be published.

Thanks to the highly qualified editorial board members, the Journal ensures the highest standards of peer review for all manuscripts submitted for publication.

Established in 2008, the Caucasus Journal of Social Sciences was initially published in print.

The journal is published annually.


Authors should submit manuscripts in the English language with English abstracts of at most 150 words. Papers should be written concisely. Manuscripts written in poor English will be sent back to the author for correction.

Word Limit


Manuscript Categories

  • Research papers
  • Theoretical articles
  • Scholarly critiques
  • Commentary articles
  • Review articles

Review Process

Authors send manuscripts to the Chief Editor, who introduces the manuscript to the Editorial Board members.

Articles selected for preliminary consideration by the Editorial Board will be sent to subject matter experts for review. The names of authors and reviewers are kept confidential.

The experts revise the manuscript, make comments and notes, and give recommendations if necessary.

The manuscript is sent back to the authors for further changes after the revision process is completed.

The author sends the final revised manuscript to the Editor to ensure the manuscript is revised according to the recommendations, comments, and notes.

After successful peer review, the manuscript is sent to editorial and formatting reviews.

Style Requirements

The Caucasus Journal of Social Sciences has adopted the American Psychological Association (APA) publication style manual as the guide to follow when submitting manuscripts.

Only papers that follow APA style will be considered.

Those interested in submitting papers to the CJSS may contact the editor for more information about Style Requirements or visit APA Style Web Resources.